The Hottest Legging Trends for 2019

Activewear is here to stay! Over recent years yoga pants have been welcomed with open arms by women who seek to find that elusive balance between comfort and style. Fortunately, leggings seem to be sticking around for 2019, evolving but never dissipating. See below for the hottest legging trends for 2019. 

1. Mesh 

Mesh Leggings will continue to takeover the category, especially with athleisure fashion. The cutting-edge cutouts and sexy twists, mesh is becoming a leader in fan favorites.

For Athletes the mesh doubles as a vent during sweaty workout sessions. 

2. Striking Colors

Neon orange leggings and bold, shiny reds and bright blues are also making a statement on the up-and-coming legging list!

3. Multicolor Stripes

The stripe illusion paired with compression fabrics will smooth and sculpt your body in all the right place. Are you surprised this will be hot this year? 

4. Patterns Galore 

“Following the utilitarian trend from last year, consumers can expect the see moto-inspired and varying camo prints in our 2019 leggings.” — Barbara Ebersberger, VP of product, apparel at Reebok

5. Higher Waists

High Waisted leggings feature both functionality and comfort, as leggings are meant to be worn at the gym, at home, and around town. They have also set the bar for shapewear leggings as a staple fashion product. 

"From a functional standpoint, we are seeing a trend of higher-waisted leggings and use of more compression fabrics to help sculpt the body. From a fashion standpoint, we think neons are going to be very popular in the summer months. I think we’ll also see details taken from runway fashion like feminine ruffles, point d’esprit, and metallic accents.” — Denise Lee, founder and CEO of Alala








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This is great info, totally on trend! Thank you Gottex Studio.

Amanda January 28, 2019

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